Livewell Programs

Here’s what you will get: Emerge with sass and confidence in your health and wellness. Your family won’t think you are crazy when your drinks are green.  Bloat be gone.  Pull those jeans out from the back of your closet and show them who’s boss.  Confidence at the grocery store & no more label confusion.  Food is your friend, not foe.  Bye-bye foggy brain, hello concentration and energy.

This program is fully customized, based on your goals and will include some of the following:

Interactive coaching sessions / goal setting / skills that you can use to better your life in the kitchen and beyond / label reading education /  healthy shopping tips / pantry clean out /  in-home cooking + meal prep session (use your tools and what you have in your house) / support in getting your family on board with healthy changes

New Outlook: Invest in your health & wellness with six 60-minute sessions (2/month for 3 months) where we can laser focus on a few issues....$150/month

New Outlook Lite: Three 60-minute sessions to fine tune your pantry and grocery prowess.  Up-level your confidence in choosing the best foods for you.....$225/3 sessions

Session a la carte: Commitment-phobe and can't commit?  Pick one topic (and my brain) and let’s explore deeper....$80/1 hour

Think you might want to work me a little longer?  Let me know!  Monthly add-ons are easy peasy.  


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See what other's are saying about Laura's Livewell

Laura is very creative and resourceful.  She is a very well-rounded individual who has learned how to coach someone to have a balanced life.  I believe by her own health experiences she has become a great coach.  She knows how to encourage, how to give constructive feedback and she’s professional.  ”

Malleson E.

“Laura has been a great motivator!  I enjoyed learning so much from her!  Changes were easy to make knowing she cared and was passionate without being overbearing.  The most significant change I have noticed has been the way I feel when I eat ‘right’ and even being more mentally aware about food makes me feel better.”

—  Liz K.

"This was such an enjoyable experience for me. I loved meeting with Laura every two weeks as well as keeping up in between. I have several new recipes and think of food completely different and I am more aware of why I make the choices that I do.  Laura is so easy to talk to and can be so encouraging. Never judgmental."

Summer S.