So I took a little break....

I’m back.  Did you notice I was gone?  I'm sure you were waiting with baited breath for my next blog post, and by you, I mean my mother.  

There is nothing like getting your Health Coach certification, starting a website for previously stated certification business, gaining a little momentum and then going interweb-dark.  

I realize that this is my blog and I can do what I want with it without explanation, but I also need to be as authentic as possible.  That means being honest with where I am at, how I have been feeling the past several months and sharing that with you.  I know how much I learn from others sharing their journeys and want to do the same for whoever reads this.  

I haven’t been “living well”, I mean, shiz, that’s my whole mantra! So here is a little about what is going on in my life and more importantly, why I didn’t give up what is important to me.

Starting with… And summer.  I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 14 years, with a couple part-time gigs here and there, so working during the summer has never been an issue.  Until this summer when I wanted to keep going, blogging, recipe sharing, coaching but I really couldn’t figure out how to do it and get my kids where they needed to be, not be stressed out AND have fun on top of it all.  All of this combined made me feel like a perpetual servant so my attitude was in the toilet at times.  All my efforts went to the kids and keeping them alive. Sometimes that effort included me drinking tequila.  Don’t judge. Nonetheless, I put my goals on the backburner, because honestly, it was easier than figuring out how to make it all work.  Mad props to moms who do it!  It left me feeling like a failure, wanting to pursue my business but also wanting to be there for the boys all summer.  

We also completely gutted our kitchen, which meant eight weeks of living in our basement.  It honestly wasn’t that bad and very exciting at the same time.  But after about week 6, I was done.       I let all the commotion and upheaval in the house keep me from doing my work.

My biggest hurdle this summer was myself and my health issues that resurfaced.  I have felt the worst I have felt in about 3 years….horrid fatigue and digestion issues had shown their ugly faces again.  Faces I wanted to punch.  I felt hopeless as I started this battle anew.  I started by seeing a new naturopath doc, taking foods back out of my diet, new supplements amongst other steps intended to make me feel better. I spend a lot of time feeling angry and resentful of my body.  Why was it revolting against me again?  Why, after feeling great for a couple years, am I in this place again?    

One culprit I know I need to address is stress.  It affects every cell in your body when left unchecked.  My mindset has been less than positive this summer, juggling raising boys into young men who aren’t jerks (hopefully), supporting my husband through a few hurdles in his life and trying to maintain a self-care routine for myself. But if I had to be honest, I just kind of gave up on myself.  I let my self-doubts get the best of me and rule my thoughts, which then turn into reality. Have you ever been in that place? Our thoughts are incredibly powerful and can lead us to success or failure, if we let them.    

Ultimately, what I have learned is I let fear rule and use excuses way too much.  You see, I let the Thought Monster (it’s real…and it probably lives in your head too) tell me crazy things like, “you are nothing special” or, “who in the world is going to read your blog” or, “you think you know enough to coach someone, especially when you don’t feel great?”.  All lies straight from the pit of hell.

As fall approaches and we get back into a schedule and routine (thank you Jesus!), I am ready to tackle my goals, grow my business and help others.  

What are your goals?  Don’t keep them on the backburner.  Take one step today that will get your closer. 

Until next time, be well.