Why I cleaned up my beauty routine and chose Beautycounter


I am addicted to beauty products.  I admit it and it feels good to get that off my chest.  Is there a support group for this kind of thing?  I love trying new ones that promise to take away my fine lines, shine up my hair, make me feel like a goddess, whiten my teeth and discipline my kids.  Ok, that last one is a different fantasy.  I got carried away.  

Back to products…..I love them.  A few years ago, I was a member of a monthly beauty box and couldn’t wait to get it. Nothing has changed today, I still love my products but my priorities have changed.  You see, when I started really investigating what I was putting into my body via diet, I started researching what I was putting ON my body. All of a sudden, I realized that I could clean up my diet until it was almost perfect but if I was still slathering chemical-laden, endocrine-disrupting, carcinogenic ingredients, did it matter what I was eating?  

I know what you might be thinking…..we can’t possibly absorb ingredients into our skin. But, yes, we absolutely do absorb everything we put on our body.  If we didn’t, how do smoking cessation and birth control patches work?  The products probably wouldn't matter if we only used maybe one or two in a day.  So stop reading this for a moment and count how many products you use daily.....shampoo, body wash, hair products, lotion, facial treatments, makeup, sunscreen.  There are many more but that's a start.  My number is around 17, depending on the day.  Kind of crazy, right?  All of that added up daily over our lives is truly a load on our body’s detox ability.

As I started cleaning up my beauty regiment, I tried many different brands and products.  I ultimately found Beautycounter about 3 years ago when they were fairly new to the market.  Their transparency, rigorous testing and research standards is what sold me at first.  Ultimately, though, it was a more vain reason….the products are crazy good. They work!  And they smell good!  As they add more products and reformulate existing ones, I just get giddy with excitement (reread the first line of this article if you need to understand my excitement).  

I feel good representing a company that puts the health and safety of consumers first, that their main concern is to get safe products into the hands of everyone.  Because everyone means everyone.  Beautycounter is also a leader in helping to change the laws regulating the beauty industry #disruptor.  We send consultants to meet with representatives on Capitol Hill each year to discuss the regulations that haven’t be changed since 1938.  Yes, 1938. So that means only about 30 products have been banned for use in self-care products in the US.  In comparison, over 1100 ingredients have been banned for use in the European Union.  (pssst....Beautycounter has a never list of 1500 ingredients we will never use in our products).  Don’t we deserve better?  The time is now for change and I know that I want to put my dollars and energy into supporting a company that is working to support what is best for my health.

On Capitol Hill this past March

On Capitol Hill this past March

If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of overhauling your bathroom cabinets, I get you!  I was there too.  Take it one product at a time.  As I ran out of something, I replaced it with a similar product with safe ingredients (I'm still looking for a decent dry shampoo and hairspray).  It doesn’t have to be Beautycounter, but I am all about ease and having someone else do the research these days.  Just start being curious for now and research a little.  The Environmental Working Group is a great place to start (www.ewg.org/skindeep) and contact me with any questions!  I don’t know it all but I would love to help when I can.


Curious about Beautycounter? You can contact me or go here www.beautycounter.com/laurafasl


Be well!