Living Well Through Exercise (aka move that booty)

Exercise.  The struggle is real, amiright?  If you don’t have a consistent exercise routine, you probably shoulda-coulda-woulda yourself to death most days.  You know how it goes- “I should go workout.  I could wait and do it later. I would (insert desire here….fit in my jeans, have more energy, feel stronger) if I would just go exercise.”

Let’s stop that cycle, alrighty?  Number one, practice a little self-love.  When was the last time you looked in the mirror and just admired one thing about yourself?  It could be how lovely your earlobes are or how good your booty looks in your new jeans.  Find that one thing and focus on it.  Also, find one thing about yourself that isn’t attached to your physical body like, I make a mean grilled cheese or I am a good, loyal friend who reaches out to others.

Number two (not that number 2….sheesh.  That’s a whole other blog post), schedule your exercise times.  Figure out how many days you want to work-out a week.  Then, find a time that consistently works those days.  For instance, you know that if you don’t work-out in the morning, it won’t happen that day (that’s me).  Or you have the most energy later in the afternoon.  Put in on the calendar.  COMMIT.  Then do it.  You wouldn’t skip out on your hair appointment so honor this appointment in the same way.    

I get it, we all have things pulling us in different directions…work, kids, marriage, friends.  Busy, busy, busy, right?  What are you sacrificing by saying “yes” to everything else and “no” to your own needs.  Don’t be the hero all the time.  Buy the cupcakes instead of making them for the kids’ party next time.  The kids will love them and the other moms might judge, but with your confidence from putting yourself first, you won’t care.  Trust me.

Number three, pick a workout that you will ENJOY, or at a minimum, not hate or dread.  Do you endlessly read about the newest workout craze and wonder if it’s for you?  Or wonder what the best workout is?  Guess what….it’s the workout that you will do.  Shut out the noise and get to doing what you enjoy.  Move that body of yours. 

I tend to suffer from what I call “exercise ADD”, meaning that I have to mix up my exercise routine pretty often, trying new classes, working out on my own, weights, cardio, yoga, tennis.  I do it all.  I keep challenging myself to stave off the boredom monster.  Is that you or are you happiest following the same kind of routine?  Only you know so do a little soul searching and experimentation.  The goal here is to make this a habit over time so, again, do whatever you enjoy and will stick with.

I always say I exercise for two reasons….vanity and sanity.  Vanity to look my best and fit in my jeans.  Sanity to ward off depression and anxiety.  Exercise releases a flood of endorphins (those are chemicals in your body) that cause that feel-good, euphoric feeling.  When I feel like I am having a hard time with some anger or anxiety, I make a note how I feel before and after a work-out.  It’s remarkable how much better I feel after the work out.  A good friend of mine always has always said she’s works out “to get the crazy out” and that couldn’t be more true.  I have suffered from depression and it still rears its ugly head every once in a while.  I know without a doubt that exercise is a major component in me keeping a healthy mental state. 

In case you are still having doubts about this whole exercise thing and how to fit it in your routine, here are some proven benefits:

·      Increased cardiac health and lower blood pressure

·      Improved muscle tone and increase in metabolism (meaning your body will be more effective at burning calories at rest)

·      Healthy weight, which means lower risk for diabetes and other diseases

·      Self-confidence, a.k.a. being a bad-ass.

·      Wards off anxiety and depression


You can do it.  You can make time and put yourself first.  You can try new things.  I am cheering you on!


Be well.