5 Things You Can Do Today to Feel Better Tomorrow

How many times do you say, “I will just start over tomorrow”, when it comes to your health, energy, eating habits, sleep or general overall wellness?

There are several things that you can do TODAY to feel better tomorrow.  Even if you have “blown” your healthy intentions by 10am, don’t throw your hands up and declare the day done.  Admit it, you have done it.  It’s the all-or-nothing mentality that goes a little like this….”I messed up lunch by eating some fries with my salad so I guess I will just feed-bag this cookie dough for dinner.  And maybe a bottle of wine.  Then I will start over tomorrow”.  Sound familiar? 

So let’s talk about the things you can do now, today, to make tomorrow better, maybe even great.

1.  Shut Eye.  Go to bed 30 minutes earlier tonight.  Yep, sleep a little more.  Things like phones, laptops, TV and kids all get in the way.  So tonight, shut down any electrical devices a full hour before you want to be asleep.  Lower the lights to get your brain and body thinking “sleep is coming”.  Relax.  Maybe do something like read….an actual book.  Not Instagram.  Do not run around like a crazy person getting everything you think you need to get done right before bed.  It activates your thought patterns so that when you do lay down, your brain is still running the marathon.  Other things that help?  Lavender, cool temperature in your room, comfy bed and pillow and a bed partner that doesn’t snore.

2. Drink water.  Like a ton of it.  Oh, and Diet Coke isn’t water.  Neither is coffee.  Nor beer.  What is the minimum you should you drink?  Take your weight in pounds, divide by 2 and drink that number in ounces in pure, filtered water every day (140 pounds? Drink 70 ounces water).  For every cup of coffee, add 12 ounces of water as coffee is a dieuretic and dehydrates you.  Need some hydration tips?  I gotcha covered…..just contact me to schedule a free 30-minute consult.

3. Eat a light dinner.  Digestion takes a lot of our bodies energy.  Big meals can prolong the digestive process, causing sleep disruptions when we over eat at our evening meal.  Eating large meals at night can also cause gas and other digestive issues that can keep us awake and feeling uncomfortable.  Eating a light meal, enough to satisfy but not enough to make us over-full, makes sleep way easier and comfortable.  Some lean protein and veggies should do the trick.  Another plus?  You will wake up hungry and feeling light, ready to tackle the day.

4. Move your body for 30 minutes or more.  Go for a walk, run, yoga, perform some body weight exercises, play soccer in the back yard, run after your kids when they are being little jerks or to be the first in line at the Nordstrom sale (after you park furthest away). Then do some squats.  Whatever it takes to get the heart rate up a little. 

5. Practice being kind to yourself.  Take a break from saying yes to the things you want to say no to.  Don’t volunteer to stay late at work or to make cupcakes for the school bake sale.  Replace all the negative thoughts in your head about yourself, your body, the “are you good enough?” thoughts with self-love and affirmation.  Because you ARE good enough.  Today, repeat that over and over again. Practice a little forgiveness for yourself and for others.  And while you are at it…..turn off social media for the day.  Don’t worry, it won’t go anywhere.  But you might find a sense of contentment with yourself rather than comparing, wondering and worrying about what one of your “friends” wrote on Facebook.  Then go get a massage, get lost in a book store or grab a cup of coffee at your favorite shop and just sit and BE for a little while. 

Some of these might make you feel a little selfish, like, “how dare I put myself before others” type of mentality.  I will let you in on a little tip…..you can’t take care of others and be of service to others if you don’t practice self-care and self-love.  You will end up a completely depleted, eating crappy food out of a box, feeling worse and then wondering how you got to where you are at.  So just stop the cycle for today and practice these 5 tips.  Commit to them and then see how you feel tomorrow.  Then, who knows?  Maybe you will do them again. 



Be well.