I didn’t realize I felt bad until I felt good.

Most of my life, “normal” was perpetual fatigue, constipation, gut ache, gas and general malaise.  But c’mon, in the beginning, I was a college student surviving on pizza and beer. During my first professional job, I worked long days that ended in longer happy hours. After having kids, I never slept enough, ate off their plates to save time and continued to chalk up the bloat, upset insides and foggy brain to motherhood. This is what being human feels like, right?

All the while, I wanted to be a friend who was always up for fun, a better wife, an energetic mom … And maybe fit into my jeans. So, I exercised. I ate less. I exercised some more. And still, I felt like shit.

My turning point, when I knew something was wrong and not just the circumstances of my life, was the day I could not swallow a bite of chicken. Like literally could not swallow the chicken. I was terrified. Scores of medical specialists and five years later, I was diagnosed with a condition called eosinophilic esophagitis. Say that three times fast.  Luckily, a wise nurse practitioner suggested food-allergy testing to identify the cause of my narrowing esophagus. Turns out I’m allergic to corn. Turns out corn is in everything. I stopped eating corn. I felt better.

*a-ha moment*

Food. Impacted. Body.

The unexpected link between food and my medical condition blew me open. I started reading, researching and experimenting with food. I paid attention to how the food I put in my mouth affected my energy, attitude, feelings … and gas.

I felt empowered. My body and I were partners, not enemies. I started to unravel my unique health path because what worked for one person didn’t necessarily work for me. I practiced self-forgiveness when I ate delicious scones that made me sick because sometimes it’s worth it. I learned that health is about persistence, not perfection.

Wanting to share my story and bring healing to people in similar crisis, I started consulting on food and health. Today, I use my education and experience to help others struggling with their sense of wellness. My health journey has been a long, frustrating, beautiful and enlightening experience that ends with a simple goal: LIVE WELL.